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Aniello Russo

Aniello (Neal) Russo is an 89-year-old retired elementary school
teacher. He taught thirty-nine years in the town of Weymouth, Massachusettes, where he was born and spent his entire life. After graduation from Weymouth High School, he worked his way through Tufts University and graduated with a degree in sociology. While teaching, he attended Bridgewater State University and received a Masters of Education degree.
Both of his parents are Italian. His father is from Puglia and his
mother from Avellino.
He had the good fortune to live in an Italian community, and did a Sunday paper route all through college, and the community customers supported him with enthusiasm and tips that they could afford.
For the past ten years, he has been writing an environmental article weekly for the local paper Weymouth News. In 2008, he self-published a mafia novel: “It’s Just Business.”
Aniello is extremely proud of his Italian heritage.

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