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Annadora Perillo

Annadora Perillo is a novelist and poet. She was born in the home of her grandparents, a palazzo in the ancient fortress-city of Bari, Italy. On her first birthday, she sailed for New York, beginning her childhood in the Bronx where, thanks to her father’s travel business, Italy was never too far out of reach. At seventeen, she went to study in the ivory towers of Marymount College and Richmond College in London, receiving a BA in English literature and the gold medal in creative writing from Marymount.  She has won several awards for poetry; her manuscript Bella was a finalist for the Heekin Group Foundation’s James Fellowship for the Novel. She works at Perillo Tours and in Library Youth Services. Her home is by the shores of the Hudson where she lives happily ever after: a reader, a writer, and a dreamer. She has two grown sons.

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