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Dominic Anthony Campanile (Art Director)

     Dominic Anthony Campanile was born in 1986 in Brooklyn, New York. He discovered his artistic side at a very early age. His abilities were noticed in school by his instructors at the age of 10, and he was entered into a contest with other students his age; his work was selected to appear in the Brooklyn Museum, where he received an award.
     Always involved with L’Idea Magazine since a child, Dominic was asked at age 12 to layout the magazine for the first time by his father, Leonardo, Editor-in-Chief of L’Idea. His work was at first simple, but he gained a passion for the task at hand and strived ever since to better his abilities. Over the next years, he would help shape L’Idea Magazine into a professional color magazine. The progression of design is clearly seen over the last 50 issues of the paper magazine [the magazine stopped the paper version in 2016].
     Dominic never took a class during his early years and self-taught himself the necessary computer programs he needed to accomplish the task of creating a layout for a magazine. His natural creativeness coupled with his gift to adapt the appropriate color schemes made his efforts easier. He honed his abilities in 2004, attending Katherine Gibbs School in New York City. He graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications in 2006.
     In 2008, he co-founded Idea Graphics, LLC, a graphic design and print company. Through this company, L’Idea Magazine was produced. The reach of Idea Graphics, LLC extended along the east coast of the United States from New York to Florida, with a large range of clientele.
     Dominic has also co-founded two publishing houses, Idea Publications in 2009 and Idea Press in 2012, which eventually became part of the Idea Graphics Group. He remains the lead graphic artist.
     Dominic has a love for the Italian-American community and culture and is proud to be a part of L’Idea Graphics Group and what it stands for.
     His goal is to continue the work his father helped start and continued for over 40 years. One day he hopes he can pass it on to his sons or daughters. He has already put in a substantial amount of work into the community but he also feels there is more and better yet to come.

 Dominic just completed his first illustrator task with Berry the Parrot, by author Corky DeYulio. 

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