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Marinella Sorino

Marinella Sorino was born in Mola di Bari (BA) where she lives with her family.

Since she was a child, she has been attracted to art in all forms but only after getting a regular education she graduated as a fashion designer.

After some experience in the field, she decided to take care of the family and in 2014 she started, at first just for fun, to publish portraits of famous people on her Facebook page. This step turned out to be crucial to properly join the artistic field for the first time. 

She currently hosts various personal and collective exhibitions and writes for different online newspapers. Her portraits, paint and illustrations are highly demanded by the publishing industry and are exhibited during different events.  

She has been working for a few years with the publishing house Idea Press, based in the USA, which enables her to share her art internationally.

The Shadow of the Moon is her first book as an author and an illustrator.

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