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In July 1941, with threats of WWII looming, the U.S. government secured over 10,000 acres of farmland in upstate New York to create a munitions depot. Little did officials know at the time when constructing a perimeter 6-foot-high fence with 18-inch angled barbwire atop that they would be inadvertently securing a pristine habitat for what would eventually become a rare and awe-inspiring herd of white whitetail deer.
Protected and embraced by Army officials and the surrounding community, the herd continued to uplift and inspire all who were fortunate enough to encounter a glimpse of their remarkable beauty. The fenced-off land however was inaccessible to the civilian population for over 60 years.
Now, nearly a century later, the fascinating history of the former Seneca Army Depot and its former military presence along with the protected white whitetail deer herd is secured for tourists to visit, enlighten, and explore via Deer Haven Park, LLC. Here, visitors can come to experience a conservation effort of endless flora and fauna capped with a vast military and era history all still abounding beyond the fence.
Beyond the Fence is a compilation of pictorial and written experiences about Deer Haven Park that the author has previously shared with grateful readers throughout the years. Come journey beyond the fence and enjoy.

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