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Gabriella Cinti

Gabriella Cinti, in art Mystis, was born in Jesi, near Ancona, Italy.
She studied Modern Literature at the University of Genoa and completed her Ph.D. at Università di Roma 2 Tor Vergata. Poetry is presently her subject of study, as well as anthropology, archaeology of European languages, and etymology with a specific emphasis on ancient Greek poetry, which she also interprets in the framework of various art and theater events.
Her poems are featured in many anthologies and she has been reviewed in various literary newspapers, magazines, and literary and cultural blogs.
She has been a guest of various festivals and international literary reviews and the protagonist of various interviews and cultural broadcasts.
Franco Manzoni wrote an essay on her poetry: Femminea estasi. Sulla poetica di Gabriella Cinti, Algra Editore, Catania, 2018.


She has published critical works in various specialized reviews,
such as Mosaico, Rio de Janeiro’s Brazilian Universities, 2014, Le Parole e
le Cose
, 2021, La Presenza di Erato.
Her work has been translated into English, Romanian, Polish and
Modern Greek.
In January 2023, the plaquette În gura timpului (In the mouth of
time), extracted from Prima, (Puntoacapo Editions, 2022), was released
in Romania for Cosmopoli Editions, Bacau.

                                             Critical Essays
Il canto di Saffo-Musicalità e pensiero mitico nei lirici greci, with an introduction by Angelo Tonelli; Moretti e Vitali, Bergamo, 2010.
EMILIO VILLA: and the art of primordial man: aesthetics of Origin, I Quaderni del Bardo, 2019.
The Labyrinth of Labyrinths by Emilio Villa: At the origin of becoming, Mimesis, 2021. Reviewed on in 2021.

                                                    Poetry collections
• Suite per la parola, Péquod, Ancona, 2008; awarded the 2008 Premio Nabokov Poetry Prize.
• Euridice è Orfeo, Achille e la Tartaruga, Torino, 2016.
• Madre del Respiro, Moretti e Vitali, with an introduction by Alberto Folin, Bergamo, 2017.
• La lingua del sorriso. Poema da viaggio, with a critical essay by Francesco Solitario Prometheus Editions, Milan, 2020.
• Prima, Puntoacapo Editions, Pasturana (Al), 2022, reviewed on the Third Page of Corriere della Sera, the most important Italian newspaper, 2020.


                                                      — ESSAYS —
Il canto di Saffo-Musicalità e pensiero mitico nei lirici greci.
• Special Prize, Città di Cattolica, 2012.
• Second Prize for critical work, Cinque Terre-Golfo dei Poeti, 2013.
                                                     — POETRY —
Euridice è Orfeo.
• Press Poetry Prize, Città di Acqui Terme Poetry Contest, 2012.
• First Prize, Rodolfo Valentino Sogni ad occhi aperti Poetry Contest, 2013.
• Finalist, Città di Como International Contest, 2017.
• Finalist, Guido Gozzano Poetry Contest, 2017.
• First Prize, Albero Andronico International Contest, 2018.
• First Prize, Il Golfo International Poetry Contest, 2019.
• First Prize, Publio Virgilio Marone Poetry Contest, 2022.


Madre del respiro.
• Special Critical Reporting, Lorenzo Montano International Poetry Prize, 2017.
• First Prize, Albero Andronico International Contest, 2020.
• Third Prize, Città del Galateo – Antonio De Ferraris Poetry Contest, 2021.
• Special Jury Prize, Principe Boncompagni Ludovisi International Poetry Contest, 2021. Award ceremony held in Campidoglio.


La lingua del sorriso. Poema da viaggio.
• First Prize, International Poetry Award Il Sublime, Lerici, 2018.
• First Prize, Ascoltando i silenzi del mare International Contest, 2018.
• First Prize, Città di Sarzana International Literary Contest, 2020.
• Second Prize, AssoSinderesi Awards International Contest, 2022.
• First Prize, Cecco d’Ascoli National Literary Contest, 2022.


• Judge’s Special Mention, Casentino International Literary Prize 2022.
• Third Prize, Giovane Holden Literary Contest, 2022.
• First Prize, Città di Mesagne National Poetry Awards, 2022.
• Judge’s Special Award, Città di Sarzana International Literary Contest, 2022.
• Judge’s Special Award Lucrezio, Premio Nabokov Literature Contest, 2022.
• Special Critical Reporting, Lorenzo Montano International Poetry Contest, 2022.
• First Prize, L’Arte in Versi International Poetry Contest, 2023.
• 2023 Franco Enriquez National Prize - City of Sirolo XIX edition, Ancient and Modern Italian Literature Category — Poetry Section.


                                                    — POEM —
Lana di parole.
• Second Prize, Città di Santa Anastasia Poetry Contest, 2022.

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