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Leo Vadala

     Born in Genoa (Italy) in 1935, Leo Vadalà came to the United States as a student in 1951. In 1954 he enlisted in the U.S. Army to become an American citizen and served 18 months in Korea. Upon his discharge, he was employed by WSFS (Wilmington Savings Fund Society) where he worked in several executive positions. He retired in 1999 after 40 years of service. He lives in Elkton MD.

     He has been married to Maria Flocco, a native of Torino di Sangro (Chieti) since 1964.

     He has been active in the Italian community of Wilmington DE and has been a member of the Giuseppe Verdi Lodge, OSIA (Order Sons of Italy in America) since 1975 serving as Treasurer, Vice President and President. In 1995 he also founded the Lodge’s monthly newsletter, “Va Pensiero”, editing it and providing all articles for the first 7 years. He relished the editorial functions in 2002 but still provides monthly articles.

     In 2015 the Lodge honored him as “Man of the Year” with the “Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Distinguished Service Award" for his contributions to the Lodge.

     He started writing “Some Grief, Some Joy” in 2006.

“It took me all of three months to write it, and when I finished it I thought it was great, I was very proud of myself." – he says – “One month later I reread it and realized it was terrible, absolute junk. I was ready to throw it away”.

     But he decided to persevere and started rewriting it in its entirety making changes practically on a daily basis. Twelve years later, here it is.

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