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Marco Bulgarelli

Marco Bulgarelli was born in Milan (Italy) on July 23, 1965. In 1991 he joined the Society of St. Paul, a catholic religious congregation founded by Blessed James Alberione in 1914. He made his first profession on September 8, 1994 at Albano Laziale RM and his perpetual profession on September 8, 1999 in Rome. He is a journalist since 2003. He has published several booklets with Edizioni San Paolo (Italy), Médiaspaul (Congo) and ST PAULS (USA). After holding various positions in Italy and in the UK, currently resides in Staten Island NY, where he works as bursar at the Society of St Paul.


 If it is difficult for anyone to tell their vocation, even more it is to tell what is slowly born inside that makes you clarify the choice to be made. But it is even more difficult to tell a vocation that is born within another vocation.

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