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Teresa De Donato

Born and raised in Rome (Italy), Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D. moved to the States some 25 years ago. After having started writing and getting published at a very young age, Maria Teresa studied Tourism and Foreign Languages at T.T.I. "J. F. Kennedy" and later Journalism at Scuola Superiore di Giornalismo "Accademia". Once in the States, she graduated (BS, MS, Ph.D.). from the American College of Journalism and the Global College of Natural Medicine (Holistic Health). She is a Naturopath, Classical Homeopath and Life Coach.

Her extremely versatile and eclectic nature, and her holistic and multicultural approach to health and to life itself, enabled her over the years to publish works on various topics.

All her publications – including two novels – can be found on Amazon.

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