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Giulia Poli Di Santo

      Giulia Poli Di Santo was born in Brenca, a charming knoll of the town of Mola di Bari, which has bestowed on her the affectionate name of “The Writer from the Knoll”. She teaches English at Santeramo in Colle (Ba), where she went to live after having spent several years in Brussels, Belgium. From 2000 onwards, she has been a member of the Movement “Donne e Poesia” (Women and Poetry) in Bari and of the Group “Poets of the Vallisa”, of which she is an editorial assistant. She collaborates with several local periodicals of a social nature.

     In 2002  L’Idea Magazine of New York awarded her the Literary Prize “L’Idea nel Mondo” for her novel “Travel Notes”.  Susbsequently, she was included as a Staff Writer of this periodical.

     In 2003, together with other scholars and researchers, she founded the Bulletin of History, Culture and Society of the  territory of the Upper Murgia National  Park “Quaderni Santermani” (Santeramo Notebooks).

She writes essays, organizes poetry and creative writing workshops at the Junior High School where she teaches, with the publication of the work produced. Her poems are included in the “Antologia Poetica“ (Poetic  Anthology) collection edited by Silvana Folliero and “Poesie d’amore per il terzo millenium” (Love poems for the Third Millenium) edited by Lia Bronzi.  In 2011, a  close analysis of her work was included in the volume “La Letteratura per l’Infanzia in Puglia” (Children’s literature in Apulia) edited by Daniele Giancane – Publisher- Levante –Bari,  and in the critical essay “Vestali in un mondo senza sogni”  (Vestal Virgins in a World without Dreams) by Gianni Antonio Palumbo- Publishers – Secop.


Her work has been translated into English, Slovenian and Serbian.

  • Out of her stay in Belgium came the book “Appunti di viaggio” (Travel Notes) Publisher – Messaggi, published in 1999, with which she won the  “1° Premio Nazionale di Narrativa della Città di  Adelfia (Ba)” (The First National Prize for Fiction of the Town of Adelfia-Ba); and in 2001 The First Prize in the National  Competition “Il viaggio infinito” (The Endless Journey) – Florence


Further to this, she has published:

  • Nel cuore dello scorpione (2002) (In the Scorpion’s Heart) Publishers- la Vallisa, an anthology of poems with which she won  The First National Prize for Poetry “Vitttorio Bodini” of the City of Bari

  • L’Utero di Dio (God’s Womb)  (2004) Publisher, Bastogi, a collection of poems which was a finalist at the “20th Literary Competition  Giovanni Gronchi 2006 of the City of Pontedera;

  • Cara madre ti faccio sapere… (Dear Mother, I’m just letting you know...)(2005)  Publisher - I.G.B. documents and  testimonies of people from Santeramo in the 19th Century Wars;

  • La Pelle del Lupo (The Skin of the Wolf) (2006) Publisher, BESA , a novel with which she won, as an unpublished work, The 12th National Competion for Children “Giacomo Giulitto”  of the Town of Bitritto (Ba);

  • E nei Tarocchi (And in the Tarot Cards) Publisher BESA ; poems.










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